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There is a huge boom in the real estate business in Dubai, and the demand for real estate consultants is increasing day by day. If you want to step into this challenging field, then it’s the best time. Becoming one of the best real estate agents in Dubai requires hard work, commitment, dedication, and consistency.

Reach out to the recruitment team that you want to work for, either via their website or Linkedin, to apply for a position. You will usually then have an initial interview with a recruitment agent before being invited to a second interview with a branch manager. It is also important to check the tools which you will need to succeed in your career, including marketing and admin support, lead generation, access to a database of clients, as well as career progression opportunities.

A career in real estate can be challenging, but the rewards can be life-changing. As a real estate broker, you will be running your own business and building your own brand, so being self-motivated and determined is crucial. You should be resilient and ready to overcome challenges, whilst being professional, well-presented and a good communicator.

A RERA card is your license to operate as a real estate broker in Dubai. To get a RERA card, you will first need to get your residency visa and then undergo a certified brokerage course.

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